Ad Ana Bechiya Betziyon: A Ma’ariv Service for Tish’ah Beav

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Setting: Cantorial, Solo

Skill Level: Intermediate

Number of Pages: 10


Charles Davidson

Here is an innovative Ma’ariv for Tish’ah BeAv, in print for the first time.

For years, the American approach to the evening service for the 9th of Av, long promulgated by the Ramah Camps, has been to “speak the liturgy,” even though the practise of European prayer-leaders was to “sing” this service in a low voice. We know from source books that this practice was long held in the Ashkenazi communities of Europe.

Here is an opportunity for you to create a new American minhag that is in keeping with the European tradition.

Because of inquiries we received looking for ways to utlilize the traditional Kinot of Tish’ah BeAv, Charles Davidson has used these kinot melodies to create a ma’ariv service appropriate for occasion. The solo passages of the leader combine with congregational tunes that will be immediately familiar to worshippers and will help get them into “the mood” for the chanting of Eicha.



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