I Never Saw Another Butterfly


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Setting: SA, SAB, SSA, Solo, Treble Voice Choir

Skill Level: Advanced, Intermediate

Number of Pages: 44


Charles Davidson

With over 4,000 performances since its first printing, this musical memorial to the Holocaust and the 15,000 children of the Terezin concentration camp has had special performances by the American Boy Choir of Princeton in the White House Rotunda and at the Holy See in Rome. Recent performances include: The Virginia Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, Sarasota Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

A favorite of amateur, and professional boys’ and girls’ choirs and suitable for high school, college, women’s and community choirs. The folio contains nine poignant settings taken from the children’s poetry.

Songs include: It All Depends on how You Look at It, Man Proposes God Disposes, Terezin, The Butterfly, The Garden, The Little Mouse, On a Sunny Evening, Yes That’s the Way Things Are, Birdsong.

Can be programmed as solo voice, duet or chorus. Orchestration is available for rental. Contact us for more information.

Available as vocal scores with piano accompaniment. If you would like to perform the piece with treble voices only and include the narration, purchase the SAB score and disregard the bass:

*NOTE: If you want to perform the piece with orchestra you MUST purchase the SAB score ONLY. You CANNOT use the SA score with an orchestral performance.

SSA/piano/intermediate (44 pgs)

SAB/piano/with spoken voices/advanced (70 pgs)



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