Immunim l: Exploring the Jewish Musical Modes, A Manual for Self Study

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Setting: Cantorial

Skill Level: Professional

Number of Pages: 123


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Charles Davidson

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This book clearly presents concepts which experienced hazzanim know instinctively but have not yet articulated.” ~Raymond Goldstein, Jerusalem

A guide to the authentic cantorial improvisation in the Jewish modes, with examples from the master composers. Immunim I explains the Adonai Malach, Ahavah Rabbah, Magen Avot, Ukrainian Dorian Hexachord, Seliha Manner, and Amidah Pentatonic Aspects.

Examples are drawn from classical cantorial works of Eastern, Central and Western Europe: Sulzer, Lewandowski, Baer, Wodak, Deutch, Birnbaum, Gerowitch, Ogutch and Lachmann. Knowledge of the modes and the ability to apply them to the liturgy is a skill essential for the pulpit hazzan.


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