Shabbat Anthology II

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Charles Davidson

Available from Transcontinental Music 

Paperback & Audio CD

J. Mark Dunn/Joel N. Eglash, editors

Shabbat Anthology brings to light both newly composed and older Sabbath music that has never been published, in piano, vocal and guitar format.

Shabbat Anthology Volume II includes classic liturgical works from such esteemed composers as Joe Black, Charles Davidson (Nigun and Ma Tovu), Paula Goldberg, Sylvia Goldstein, Lisa Levine, Louis Lewandowski, Mah Tovu, Rachelle Nelson, Stuart Rauch, Benjie Ellen Schiller, Sol Zim and many more. Several ‘folk’ pieces are also included, focusing on the music of the Ladino (Judeo-Spanish)-speaking Sephardic Jews.

Perfect for those looking to add something new to their worship, featuring performances by the original artists, including Cantors Richard Botton, Erik L.F. Contzius, Jessica Epstein, Mark Opatow, Kari Siegel-Eglash and more.



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