Two Part Songs for Youth Choir


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Setting: SA, Solo

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Number of Pages: 39


Charles Davidson

Original melodies and prayer texts from Shabbat as well as secular themes. Mostly Hebrew texts. Arrangements for SA. Althought the compilation was originally designed for youth choir, the tunes are ruach songs, perfect for congregational singing or solo voice as well.

Includes: Adon Olam, Ana Dodi, Chaverim Kol Yisrael, Hashiveinu Adonai, Ein Keloheinu, L’cha Dodi, Modeh Ani L’fanecha, Nigun and Mah Tovu, Shalom Rav, Sim Shalom, Tzur Yisrael, V’sham’ru, Yismach Moshe, plus new songs for Hanukkah: Maoz Tzur, Heneirot Halalu, Al Hanisim, Bau Vanecha, Vayitzak Mattityahu, A Wond’rous Light.


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