Veyismach Libeinu: A Weekday Ma’ariv Service

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Setting: Instrumental, SATB, Solo

Skill Level: Intermediate

Number of Pages: 49


Charles Davidson

Commissioned by the Cantor’s Assembly of America.

Weekday Ma’ariv with instruments.

For Cantor (medium range voice), congregation, treble voice choir (optional), keyboard, with optional instruments (clarinet, electric guitar, percussion). Could be used as a prelude to special occasions in the synagogue (dedications, Independence day celebrations, synagogue functions). Available in several formats.

Wonderfully easy to perform; a lively, tuneful and authentic musical Ma’ariv for any occasion, combining klezmer and nusach ha-tefillah for a rollicking conclusion with a spirited Adon Olam.

Complete transliteration of all Hebrew texts for full congregational participation. In nusah ha-tefillah le-hol with klezmer style clarinet part.

Includes: V’hu Rachum, Bar’chu, Ahavat Olam, Mi Chamocha, Uv’tzel, Yiru Eneinu, Adonai Melech, Oseh Shalom, Aleinu, V’ne-emar/Bayom Hahu, Adon Olam. Listen to service excerpts, Hazzan Eliot Vogel, soloist, and the Children’s Choir from Har Zion Temple, Penn Valley, PA

 Full score: vocal score, clarinet, bass, drum set: congregational responses.

Cong booklet (Hebrew and transliterated Hebrew) 13 pages.


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