Your Singing Congregation

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Setting: Solo, Unison

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Number of Pages: 53


Charles Davidson

Brand new and waiting for you!

Looking for new melodies for popular prayers that will be easy for your congregants to learn and which will be artistically satisfying for you?? Driven by the demand for different, easy to learn, singable melodies for today’s new wave of synagogue leaders, these tunes can be accompanied by guitar or piano. Looking for a particular style of music or groove? Each of the melodies in this category are easily identifiable by musical genre. Want a bigger sound? It’s easy to add bass, keys and drums.

Try this package put together with today’s worshipers in mind! Composed by Charles Davidson, these 15 settings in Hebrew from the Friday Evening Service, reflect Chassidic, Sephardi and American, Jazz and Blues influences.

Each piece is written for single voice and congregation and some sections have a 2nd part; easily learned harmonies for your youth choir or rabbi. All of the pieces are chorded for guitar or piano and some include drumming cues. The tunes and refrains come alive for you through the spirited singing of Hazzanim Lizzie Shammash and Jeffrey Weber.

Included: Adon Olan (Chassidic), Ahavat Olam (Israeli), Ahavat Olam (Lyric), Ein Keloheinu, Half Kaddish, Hayom T’am’tzeinu, Kiddush (Shir Hashirim), L‘cha Dodi, L’cha Dodi, L’cha Dodi (Yemenite), L’chu n’ran’na (Spanish Portugese), Maoz Tzur (Marcello), Maoz Tzur (In an Old Style), Mi Chamochah (Modern), Oseh Shalom/May the Words, Shalom Rav, V’sham’ru (Chassidic), Yigdal (Yemenite), Yihyu L’ratzon All pieces are available individually as well.


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