Text from Gates of Prayer. Solo and responses for services or concert. Cantor (high or low voice), SATB and organ.
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Birkat Kohanim for Two Cantors

Tenor and baritone duet for the Priestly Benediction with keyboard or treble voice accompaniment. Also suitable for soprano and mezzo duet.
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B’rinah Yagilu

A High Holiday series in traditional settings for Solo Cantor (Baritone or Contralto) and SSA with or without keyboard accompaniment. Included are: Avinu Malkenu, Atah Adonai R’tzei Olam, Hayom Harat Olam, Na’aleh Shofar, Bishivah shel ma’alah, Rachmanah D’onei

Shomer Yisrael

“A modern recitative masterpiece.” Erwin Jospe Traditional S’lichot nusach with contemporary harmony. An evocative linear solo line above an ostinato and dramatic choral punctuations make this a colorful choice for concert performances. Cantor (tenor or soprano), SATB, and keyboard.  Written…
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Yalkut Z’mirotai: New settings for Shabbat Z’mirot

Forty original tunes for the three festive meals of Shabbat,  prefaced by a scholarly history of the origins of the custom by Max Wohlberg. Complete texts in an appendix. For solo voice. Contents include: Shalom Aleikhem, Eishet Hayil, Kol M’kadeish Shvii,…
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Pirkei Zemer

Twenty-four selections from the Psalms and Pirkei Avot in a modern cantorial style. Includes an essay by Wohlberg on the evolution of the cantorial recitative from the times of ars nova and the Baroque to its place in contemporary American…
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Immunim II: Hallel – The Motives and Modal Patterns of the Hallel Service

A guide to the authentic chanting of the Hallel psalms. This cantorial manual offers musical examples from Hallel, recitatives, draws attention to motives and modal patterns and concludes each example with questions for the reader. It provides historical and liturgical backgrounds of the Hallel psalms and…