Ana Dodi

From Shir Hashirim, a beautiful melody for an equally beautiful poem. Come with me, my love, come away. For the long wet months are past, the rains have fed the earth. And left it bright with blossoms. Birds wing in…

Ahavat Olam (from Kol Yaakov)

Beautifully melodic, this tune from Kol Yaakov is easy to sing, with subtle harmonic structure. Lovely addition to any service, sure to invite congregational singing. Can be sung unaccompanied or with piano or guitar. Listen to “Ahavat Olam” below.

Oseh Shalom

A beautiful melody in soothing 3/4 time,  suitable for congregational singing.

Tzur Mishelo Achalnu (Babylonian)

Charles Davidson, arr. A light touch for a familiar table song, this is joyous and simple setting for SAB with rehearsal piano. Based on a Sephardic melody of Morton Leifman and transmitted by Exkiel Musleach. Available from Transcontinental Music
3 canticles.jpg

Three Canticles for Chorus

Strongly contrasting styles make this suite compelling listening. A cappella settings for a professional level chorus, with piano or organ accompaniment. I. God be Gracious II. Show Me Your Way, O Lord III. Sing Unto the Lord a New Song…

L’ma’an Tziyon

Drora Havkin, arr. Charles Davidson For solo or choir. This famous tune by Israeli composer Drora Havkin has been set for choir in an easy yet powerfully moving setting. It is already a beloved selection for amateur and professional choirs…