Ahavat Olam (from Kol Yaakov)

Beautifully melodic, this tune from Kol Yaakov is easy to sing, with subtle harmonic structure. Lovely addition to any service, sure to invite congregational singing. Can be sung unaccompanied or with piano or guitar. Listen to “Ahavat Olam” below.

Oseh Shalom

A beautiful melody in soothing 3/4 time,  suitable for congregational singing.
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Kulam Beyahad: Congregtional Songs

Eighteen selections for Cantor and congregation from Shabbat, High Holidays and Festivals. Some SATB arrangments with keyboard accompaniment. Shabbat: V’Sham’ru, Adon Olam, Yigdal, Eil Adon I & II, Ahavah Rabba, Tsur Yisrael, Avot-Gevurot, Shacharit Kedushah for Shabbat and Three Festivals, Yismach Moshe,…

Three Pre-S’lichot Preludes

On the Saturday evening before Rosh Hashanah, many congregations invite their members to join in an hour of fellowship and inspiration in preparation for the Selichot Service which follows. These “Three Pre-Selichot Preludes,” based upon a larger work for Selichot,…

Yihyu L’ratzon

A beautiful melancholy melody, perfect for the end of the Amidah.

V’sham’ru (Chassidic)

A haunting melody highlights this unison version, good for congregational singing. Take it uptempo for a livelier feel.

Shalom Rav

A beautiful new melody perfect for unison singing.