Ahavat Olam (from Kol Yaakov)

Beautifully melodic, this tune from Kol Yaakov is easy to sing, with subtle harmonic structure. Lovely addition to any service, sure to invite congregational singing. Can be sung unaccompanied or with piano or guitar. Listen to “Ahavat Olam” below.

L’David Mizmor

Commissioned by the Park Avenue Synagogue. Solid and tuneful. Cantor, SATB and keyboard or organ. Eleven octavos including: Yedid Nefesh, Psalm 92, L’Cha Dodi, Bar’chu, Sh’ma, Mi Chamochah, V’Sham’ru, Half Kaddish, Oseh Shalom, Adon Olam. Listen to Mi Chamochah below.