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Yah Anah Emtza-acha

Setting for Cantor and choir of a new piyyut in Machzor Lev Shalom. The text is by Yehudah Halevi for Yamim Noraim found in the traditional High Holy Days Machzor. Reminiscent of Psalm 139 (Where can I go from your…
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Sh’ma Kolenu

Traditional with contemporary harmony. Cantor (tenor or soprano), SATB and keyboard.

Three Pre-S’lichot Preludes

On the Saturday evening before Rosh Hashanah, many congregations invite their members to join in an hour of fellowship and inspiration in preparation for the Selichot Service which follows. These “Three Pre-Selichot Preludes,” based upon a larger work for Selichot,…
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B’rinah Yagilu

A High Holiday series in traditional settings for Solo Cantor (Baritone or Contralto) and SSA with or without keyboard accompaniment. Included are: Avinu Malkenu, Atah Adonai R’tzei Olam, Hayom Harat Olam, Na’aleh Shofar, Bishivah shel ma’alah, Rachmanah D’onei

Adon Olam

This modal setting of Adon Olam is adapted from a melody for the Yamin Noraim in Baer. The Hebrew text makes this a good choice for the High Holidays and of course, as a standard setting for Shabbat use. For choir and acccompaniment…