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Immunim Package

Get all three books in the Immunim series for the special price of $125.
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Immunim II: Hallel – The Motives and Modal Patterns of the Hallel Service

A guide to the authentic chanting of the Hallel psalms. This cantorial manual offers musical examples from Hallel, recitatives, draws attention to motives and modal patterns and concludes each example with questions for the reader. It provides historical and liturgical backgrounds of the Hallel psalms and…
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Immunim l: Exploring the Jewish Musical Modes, A Manual for Self Study

This book clearly presents concepts which experienced hazzanim know instinctively but have not yet articulated.” ~Raymond Goldstein, Jerusalem A guide to the authentic cantorial improvisation in the Jewish modes, with examples from the master composers.Immunim I explains the Adonai Malach, Ahavah Rabbah,…
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Weekday Services According to the Ashkenazi Tradition

A complete guide to the authentic cantorial improvisation for the three weekday services, Shaharit, Minha and Ma’ariv. If you like this you may also be interested in: Immunin Benusah Hatefillah I – Exploring the Jewish Modes, A Manual for Self Study Immunim Benusah Hatefillah…