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Kulam Beyahad: Congregtional Songs

Eighteen selections for Cantor and congregation from Shabbat, High Holidays and Festivals. Some SATB arrangments with keyboard accompaniment. Shabbat: V’Sham’ru, Adon Olam, Yigdal, Eil Adon I & II, Ahavah Rabba, Tsur Yisrael, Avot-Gevurot, Shacharit Kedushah for Shabbat and Three Festivals, Yismach Moshe,…
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Yalkut Z’mirotai: New settings for Shabbat Z’mirot

Forty original tunes for the three festive meals of Shabbat,  prefaced by a scholarly history of the origins of the custom by Max Wohlberg. Complete texts in an appendix. For solo voice. Contents include: Shalom Aleikhem, Eishet Hayil, Kol M’kadeish Shvii,…

Tzur Mishelo Achalnu (Babylonian)

Charles Davidson, arr. A light touch for a familiar table song, this is joyous and simple setting for SAB with rehearsal piano. Based on a Sephardic melody of Morton Leifman and transmitted by Exkiel Musleach. Available from Transcontinental Music