L’cha Dodi (Echo)

A hauntingly beautiful yet easy to sing “call and response” melody for L’cha Dodi for cantor and congregation. Easily accompanied by piano or guitar.

Ahavat Olam (from Kol Yaakov)

Beautifully melodic, this tune from Kol Yaakov is easy to sing, with subtle harmonic structure. Lovely addition to any service, sure to invite congregational singing. Can be sung unaccompanied or with piano or guitar. Listen to “Ahavat Olam” below.

Oseh Shalom

A beautiful melody in soothing 3/4 time,  suitable for congregational singing.
Chassidic Sabbath.jpg

Chassidic Sabbath

A tuneful and effective for amateur choir, this entire collection, concluding with the popular favorite, Adon Olam (tri-la-lai la-bi-ri-bam), is absolutely guaranteed to get the congregation singing! Cantor, SATB and keyboard. Can be performed without accompaniment. Twelve octavos in Ashkenazi Hebrew. Listen to Adon…
And David Danced web.jpg

And David Danced

The first modern Friday evening service. Blends blues and jazz styles and singable tunes with nusah ha-tefillah. Cantor, SATB and keyboard. Available on CD from Naxos. This product is available as a downloadable score. If you would prefer to receive hard copies, it…
Yihyu Lratzon.jpg

Yihyu L’Ratzon

Psalm 19:15, conclusion of the Amidah for mezzo soprano solo and keyboard. Available from Transcontinental Music