V’sham’ru (Chassidic)

A haunting melody highlights this unison version, good for congregational singing. Take it uptempo for a livelier feel.

L’cha Dodi (Folk)

DOWNLOAD ONLY A lovely choice for an alternate melody for this standard Friday night prayer. Guitar and/or piano accompaniment would be perfect.

Ahavat Olam (Lyric)

A lovely heartfelt melody in 3/4 time, that everyone will enjoy singing. Listen to “Ahavat Olam” below.

Ahavat Olam (Israeli)

A lovely melody in 3/4 time, easy to lead and to sing. Listen to “Ahavat Olam” below.

Adon Olam

This modal setting of Adon Olam is adapted from a melody for the Yamin Noraim in Baer. The Hebrew text makes this a good choice for the High Holidays and of course, as a standard setting for Shabbat use. For choir and acccompaniment…
Shabbat Anthology.jpg

Shabbat Anthology II

Available from Transcontinental Music  Paperback & Audio CD J. Mark Dunn/Joel N. Eglash, editors Shabbat Anthology brings to light both newly composed and older Sabbath music that has never been published, in piano, vocal and guitar format. Shabbat Anthology Volume…