Yihyu Lratzon.jpg

Yihyu L’Ratzon

Psalm 19:15, conclusion of the Amidah for mezzo soprano solo and keyboard. Available from Transcontinental Music

Die Mama iz Gegangen

A lively setting of this humorous text from the 1920’s. In Yiddish, for baritone and piano.    

L’cha Dodi (Yemenite)

A delightfully flavorful tune, with Middle Eastern feel. Dumbek or Tof Miryam adds an authentic feel.

Ahavat Olam (Israeli)

A lovely melody in 3/4 time, easy to lead and to sing. Listen to “Ahavat Olam” below.

Ani L’Dodi

This is a lyrical and unusual setting in English from¬†Shir Hashirim, for solo medium voice and keyboard or organ. Listen to “Ani L’Dodi” below.