Udvarai Asher Samti Befikha

A meaningful and moving contribution by Max Wohlberg to the male chorus repertoire, with lyrics from Isaiah. TTBB. Unaccompanied.

Arvit Lehol: A Complete Evening Worship Service for Weekdays

A Wohlberg composed service in the weekday nusah ha-tefillah. Simple and direct with a medium-voice solo from a master of the genre. Solo inclusions for Yom Ha’atzmaut, Hanukkah, Purim and installations. Can be performed with or without accompaniment or choral parts. For Cantor,…
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Pirkei Zemer

Twenty-four selections from the Psalms and Pirkei Avot in a modern cantorial style. Includes an essay by Wohlberg on the evolution of the cantorial recitative from the times of ars nova and the Baroque to its place in contemporary American…
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Immunim III: Sefer Hadrakhah, 3rd Ed.

NEW EDITION: includes a brand new section devoted to the Weekday Service.  Immunim III: Sefer Hadrakhah, 3rd Edition An Annotated Guide and Commentary on the Application of Nusah Hatefillah Beminhag Ashkenaz  for the Liturgical Year Sefer Hadrakhah is an invaluable resource…

Chanting the Haggadah: Selected Passages


In time for the upcoming Passover holiday, this product is now available as a download. The CD mp3s will be emailed to you after purchase is completed.