L’David Mizmor

Commissioned by the Park Avenue Synagogue. Solid and tuneful. Cantor, SATB and keyboard or organ. Eleven octavos including: Yedid Nefesh, Psalm 92, L’Cha Dodi, Bar’chu, Sh’ma, Mi Chamochah, V’Sham’ru, Half Kaddish, Oseh Shalom, Adon Olam. Listen to Mi Chamochah below.
B'rinah Yagilu.jpg

B’rinah Yagilu

A High Holiday series in traditional settings for Solo Cantor (Baritone or Contralto) and SSA with or without keyboard accompaniment. Included are:¬†Avinu Malkenu, Atah Adonai R’tzei Olam, Hayom Harat Olam, Na’aleh Shofar, Bishivah shel ma’alah, Rachmanah D’onei

Half Kaddish

Lyical melodies make this Half Kaddish easy for congregants to sing along with. Soloist: Hazzan Elizabeth Shammash

Ahavat Olam (Lyric)

A lovely heartfelt melody in 3/4 time, that everyone will enjoy singing. Listen to “Ahavat Olam” below.