L’cha Dodi (Echo)

A hauntingly beautiful yet easy to sing “call and response” melody for L’cha Dodi for cantor and congregation. Easily accompanied by piano or guitar.


Text from Gates of Prayer. Solo and responses for services or concert. Cantor (high or low voice), SATB and organ.

Arvit Lehol: A Complete Evening Worship Service for Weekdays

A Wohlberg composed service in the weekday nusah ha-tefillah. Simple and direct with a medium-voice solo from a master of the genre. Solo inclusions for Yom Ha’atzmaut, Hanukkah, Purim and installations. Can be performed with or without accompaniment or choral parts. For Cantor,…
Yihyu Lratzon.jpg

Yihyu L’Ratzon

Psalm 19:15, conclusion of the Amidah for mezzo soprano solo and keyboard. Available from Transcontinental Music
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Gates of Song: Shabbat Music of the Reform Movement

Charles Davidson, editor The hymnal of the Reform movement. Congregational softcover edition features 173 pieces for Shabbat worship including Kabbalat Shabbat, Birchot Hashachar, Sh’ma u’virchoteha, T’filah, Seder K’riat Hatorah, Concluding Prayers and Other Blessings, Shirim u’z’mirot. Every commonly sung prayer from…